Report of the DSI Fair 2018

The tagline of the DSI Fair 2018 was “Digital transformation for a better society” and, over two days, attendees heard from high-caliber speakers including internet co-founder Louis Pouzin and Oxford University’s Professor of Philosophy and Ethics Luciano Floridi, as well as other top academics, policymakers and industry representatives alongside representatives from the European Commission DG Research and Innovation and DG Connect divisions.
This year’s conference was very successful, stimulating and engaged, with more than 400 registered participants and 75 speakers from 33 different countries. The Fair hosted eight parallel interactive workshops over two days and showcased eight CAPS projects in the exhibition area. The DSI Fair 2018 attendees also received the Connected Technologies for Social Good Magazine, edited by the ChiC project, containing interviews with key stakeholders and highlighting selected CAPS projects.
Across Europe, a growing movement of people are exploiting community platforms for Connected Social Innovation. The EU Funded CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation) program develops bottom-up solutions to link up stakeholder participation, producer-consumer co-design collaboration and new forms of decentralized democratic control such as social responsibility ratings, blockchains, trusted legers and more.

Download here the report of the DSI Fair 2018 (PDF)


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