Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPSSI)


Where the Digital Social Innovators meet!

The DSI Fair 2017 offers a rich program featuring an international conference, focused workshops, networking and hands-on sessions. The line-up of speakers includes experts and practitioners, as well as policy makers and civil society players from all over the world.

Discussions and presentations will tackle and address fundamental collective human experience research and innovation challenges dictating what the Internet is used for and its benefits to both individuals and the overall society, which is at the core of the evolution towards the Next Generation Internet as the Internet for Humans. How to put the human at the centre of such an evolution will indeed be fundamental to the DSI Fair 2017 debates.

The more the Internet of the Future will pervade transparently our everyday life, the more there will be the need of understanding and reshaping economic and societal behaviours. By bringing together innovators from all over the world that are contributing to forge the Digital Society of the future, the DSI Fair 2017 will contribute to advance such a complex discovery and transformation process.

During the two-day event, the Manifesto for Networked Innovation will also be presented and discussed. This includes a set of recommendations for policy-makers indicating how digital social innovation processes can be enforced, transferred and potentially reused for an effective scale-up of social innovation initiatives across the whole European society.

Join us and learn about opportunities to become part of the Digital Social Innovation Community and embrace initiatives tackling social and environmental challenges in Europe and beyond. A unique chance to get together, exchange ideas, develop new collaborations and grow digital social innovation around the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation Initiative.

The Digital Social Innovation Fair is organised by CAPSSI.
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