workshop 3: Citizens and Open Data


Day 1: 15h00-16h30



In this workshop we invite future and action oriented discussion by summing up and presenting main learnings and outcomes of the Open4Citizens project, that has run through 2016-2018 in five European locations; exploring how best to empower citizens to make sense of open data. In the workshop we aim to cross-examine our insights and the tools/strategies developed in a diverse discussion across design practice, data expertise, digital innovation and open data advancement.



  • The conditions needed to raise citizens awareness of the potential of open data as a new resource
  • Strategies to engage citizens in co-creating new solutions with data
  • The challenges for such participatory initiatives
  • The conditions for ensuring that high-level political strategies around data can be translated into real-life, everyday social impact



Roundtable moderated by Nicola Morelli, Aalborg University & Open4Citizens:

  • Anne Vest Hansen, ITK lab and Center for Innovation, Aarhus, DK
  • Arianna Mazzeo, ELISAVA, DESIS Lab, Barcelona
  • Daniele De Bernardin Open Polis, Rome
  • Grazia Concilio, Politecnico di Milano & Open4Citizens
  • Lorenzo Lipparini,  Councillor for participation and open data of the Milan municipality
  • Salvatore Iaconesi, HER
  • Luigi Reggi, Monithon & PhD Fellow at State University of New York at Albany (Albany, NY, USA)




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