workshop 4: Co-designing policy to grow DSI


Day 2: 11h30-13h00 and 14h30-16.00


How can policy support DSI to grow and scale its impact? What can governments at the city, national and European level do to help DSI? And how can supportive policy be made in a more participatory, inclusive way?

That’s what we’ll be exploring at this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, co-organised by DSI4EU and SIC. It’s time to get creative – you, the participants, will be at the centre of the session, working in groups to brainstorm, co-design and refine your own policy ideas.

The DSI4EU project is working between now and mid-2019 to influence policy to better support DSI, including through meetings and workshops with policymakers, through reports and briefings, and through an experimental DSI index measuring local ecosystems’ capacity to help DSI grow. SIC, meanwhile, is tapping into a much larger community of social innovation and working with high-level policymakers within the Commission to increase support for social innovation. But for policy to be successful, it needs to be inclusive – and we want to hear your ideas. Don’t miss your chance to influence the formulation of DSI policy and make a difference for innovators across Europe! 

Please note: This workshop runs before and after lunch, as it encourages participants to get deep into some of the issues they are talking about. It will be interesting, informative and entertaining three hours, and we hope to see you there!


  • Matt Stokes, Researcher, Nesta, Workshop facilitator
  • Peter Baeck, Head of Collaborative Economy Research, Nesta, Workshop facilitator
  • Codrina Cretu, Nesta, Workshop facilitator






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