WORKSHOP 1: Digital Welfare Platforms


Day 1: 15h00-16h30


This panel addresses CAPS trial results in the area of inclusion: real communities that cooperate in search of digital welfare gains. They address community health/social care, basic income, participatory budgeting, blockchain community transaction management. They are all are examples of digital connectedness, an effort made in engaging real communities in social innovation trials over the last two years. Is collective intelligence effective? Can these platforms scale across regions, find economies of scope and integration? Our hope is that digital welfare platforms help communities to share the burden and lower the cost of providing social welfare & wellbeing. Social enterprises and NGOs play a key role as intermediaries, between State action (top down) and citizens’ co-designed digital environments (bottom-up civic engagement). Policy (including research policy) must reinforce the EU Pillar of Social Rights.


  • Loretta Anania, European Commission, Next Generation Internet Unit
    “Digital Welfare Platfoms in an EU context”
  • Giovanni Allegretti, University of Coimbra, and Michelangelo Secchi, FabLabs Milan, EMPATIA
    “Participatory budgeting and deliberative democracy trials”
  • Andrea Fumagalli, University of Pavia and Bin-Italia, and Dr. Marco Sachy, PIE NEWS
    “Fostering Commonfare: social collaboration and basic income schemes” and “Yetta blockchain as community value transfer mechanism”
  • Nadia El Imam, Edgeryders
    “OPEN CARE : Co-designed social care platform”
  • Gianluca Misuraca, Senior Scientist, European Commission’s Joint Research Centre
    “The IESI project, the future of work, and evidence-based EU policy perspective”







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