WORKSHOP 2: DSI in cities - building the foundations for responsible data-driven innovation


Day 1: 15h00-16h30


This workshop will explore how we can approach social innovation using data in a responsible way.
It will bring together three CAPS projects – DECODE, DSI4EU and NEXTLEAP – to discuss how we can use new decentralised, privacy-aware technologies to enable responsible digital social innovation in cities. It will also consider the implications and linkages of the Next Generation Internet, which promises a decentralised and citizen-centric approach to connected internet technologies. 
The aim of this discussion is to bridge the gap between the enormous potential of data-driven social innovation and the need to give citizens technological and data sovereignty.
The discussion will consider how a combination of distributed, open tech infrastructures with state-of-the-art cryptography technology can provide the foundation for responsible digital social innovation. An interactive workshop exercise will help delegates to consider the opportunities of this alternative approach, and the policy and practical actions available to help them overcome potential challenges.



Registrations for this workshop are closed




Panel Discussion “Building the foundations of responsible data innovation in cities”

  • Tom Symons, DECODE and Nesta
  • Flavia Marzano, Councillor for Innovation of the Rome municipality
  • Katja Bego, Engineroom Coordinator, Nesta
  • Giacomo Gilmozzi, NEXTLEAP

Chair: Anna Majó, DSI4EU and Barcelona Activa


Workshop session “Co-creating approaches to responsible  data innovation”

  • Tom Symons, Nesta
  • Katja Bego, Engineroom Coordinator, Nesta














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