Collaborative Consumption and Sharing Economy

The economy of the commons

DAY 1: 1st February 2017 – From 14:30 to 17:00
Success Stories 2

Workshop moderated by: Peter Baeck, head of collaborative economy research, NESTA


This workshop gives you the opportunity to discover different initiatives on Collaborative Consumption and Sharing Economy: 

  • Sharitories, gamification platforms for sharing cities
    Daniele Fappiano – entrepreneur and OuiShare connector
  • Open data for participatory innovation in agro-biodiversity & food systems management
    Eleni Toli, CAPSELLA project
  • Empowering academia and civil society in corporate sustainability and accountability
    Vishal Kapadia, WIKIRATE and CHAINREACT projects
  • Socializing and sharing time for child care and education through digital and social innovation
    Maria Sangiuliano, CARESHARE project


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